Graciela, Getting Ready in Granada

What a classic beauty. Graciela went back to her home country of Nicaragua to marry her new hubby Lucas Miller- and not just once. But twice! The first wedding was held in an old chapel on her papa's finca near Santa Cruz. The second was held at Playa Marsella on the beach at sunset a couple days later... Both were truly gorgeous and the week was just amazing... I got to know some incredible women even better, tear up at family blessings, gaze inside a molten lava volcano, connect with the earth, snuggle puppies and confront my fear of surfing. And to flip the script, I was a bridesmaid for both! So while a local photographer shot the ceremonies I kept my instax handy :) And after scanning in stacks of this exotic central american loot I really loved this set of Gracie getting ready in Granada... timeless & beautiful. The dressing robe is BHLDN and makeup was by Mia. #nicaweddinglove