Kappie & Duncan

Life on the farm starts early, and so it was most fitting for Kappie & Duncan to begin their wedding with a morning ceremony beyond the back porch of the groom's family home. The fields were still wet with a mix of rain and dew when each of their mothers poured dirt from their family homelands together- such a special aside to the ceremony. I love to take note of rituals like these. After a morning brunch the party disbanded only to return that evening to the cleared-out and cleaned-up former tobacco barn on the property. K&D even had the dirt leveled to make for an even dance floor. Pretty tight. -As were the gorgeous horses on the rolling Kentucky hills. Steeped in history, surrounded in camaraderie, and set to a gorgeous sunset was Part II of their wedding. I think leveling the floor was a good call with the way this crew could dance. Wishing these two an incredible life together. XO Kappie & Duncan