Loren & Kahlo Inspired Maternity Session Along the California Coast

Graciela & Lucas Miller have since become proud parents since this shoot. I love that we fit this maternity session in when we did. Grace is an incredible woman in her own right, an amazing new mom, and a dear friend of mine. And when she has a vision, you can be sure that she’ll make it a reality! This was a collaborative shoot pulling iconic inspiration from Sophia Loren & Frida Kahlo. Channeling Loren’s timeless Italian seaside aesthetic, we captured several striking images on black & white film with my manual medium format camera at Abalone Cove. After lunch, we prepped for round two which is when her hubby met up with us near the coast in San Pedro. This group of images felt painterly- using lots of bold color, fresh roses and a textured natural outdoor location. We wrapped it up with sunset at the coast because, well, the timing was right and we were right there! It’s impossible to ignore the light when it’s just so right. I loved bringing these ideas to life- but I had the easy job! Grace just delivered her baby girl a few weeks ago! It’s fitting that so much of this shoot was by the sea- she had a successful all natural water birth. Welcome to this great wild world Sedona <3.

A Glowing Mojave Desert

Red Rocks State Park in Cantil, CA has a mystery vibe of it's own. This martian landscape comes alive as the sun goes down and the desert life opens up to a starry sky. A few of my favorite photos from this trip are those of the Joshua Trees and rockscape aglow at night. I used a 30 second exposure with my camera on a tripod while drawing on the limbs and outlines with a flashlight to capture those surreal images. Awake before dawn (with a stir-crazy Finn!) the Mojave desert was full of that ultra-warm morning light as we started our drive back to LA.