Nica Love

Andalusian ponies, your daily catch, fresh fruits, gorgeous flora + volcanoes simmering with molten lava and Nicaragua is off to the races. What race is that though? Being amazingly chill I believe. 9 days in this Central American country and I was able to check back in with myself in a much needed way. Between timing a $10 massage to the crazy relaxing sound of a downpour outside, dining in the glowing lamplight of the streets of Granada, pressing the water out of fresh cheese and feeling wildly dumbstruck by the fact that molten lava IS A REAL THING... Nica allowed me the time & space to connect with nature after circling around the same streets of LA for so long, pining after mediocre parking spaces. It's lush, it's beautiful, the rum is a little too delicious... & I really just wanted to squeeze the oceans they were such a beautiful site. A powerful lullaby you are, Nica.