Expecting at Lacy Park

Emily & Joe are going to make great parents. They have an easy positive energy and are expecting their first child in just a few weeks. It was lovely capturing this maternity session for them at Lacy Park in Pasadena, CA.

At the Stables for a Mae Fashion Shoot

Meet 13 yr old Mae. She rides horses competitively and is rapidly becoming an IG influencer. We met up at the stables in Pasadena, CA to capture the equestrian brands she reps. This girl is driven, dedicated and is definitely going places!

Brand Park Wedding

Lucky us, it was another gorgeous LA afternoon which offered up some beautiful light for wedding photos. The bride Elsy looked positively stunning and her new hubby was totally dapper and charming. Location: Brand Park, Glendale CA

Malibu Elopement

On a seemingly average Wednesday afternoon these two flew in from Maryland with three of their nearest and dearest to have an intimate wedding ceremony along the rocky coastline of Malibu, CA. I felt so honored to be part of this gathering. Congratulations to these two incredible women. I wish now that I’d photographed a copy of their vows… they were so beautiful and everything you would want to hear from your partner in life. <3

A Botanical Venice CA Wedding

Danielle & Christian, got married in a fragrant botanical nursery in Venice, CA. The roses, lights and warmth of a summer night were a gorgeous hug around this vivacious and tender duo. After getting ready, we held the first look beneath the iconic hanging Venice sign up the street from their home. These two have a real kind of love, and their marriage was a long time coming. The catering was delicious and 100% vegan, there were games for all sizes, floral bouquets in all directions and an intimate environment that held both a lot of love and a good time. Congratulations D&C!

Venue: Big Red Sun | Hair: Logan | Catering: Cena Vegan




An Oh-So Comfy Lifestyle Shoot With CozyDown

I had the pleasure of teaming up with luxury bedding company CozyDown for a product and lifestyle shoot in Downtown Los Angeles. We took plenty of photos of the beds, but my favorites were wrapped up on the balcony! They create premium down filled comforters and I think these photos look pretty cozy :) Daria modeled and was gorgeous to work with.  

A Sweet SoCal Backyard Wedding

Amanda & Taylor had a beautiful backyard wedding in the garden of her family home. This intimate wedding felt so heartfelt, natural and joyous. I loved the way their children were also celebrated and honored on this special day. All my best to these two!

Lili Bordan in Marie Claire Hungary

Check out this month's issue of Marie Claire Hungary (like one normally does) and you'll see the stunning Lili Bordan featured between the pages. The text might be a challenge to decipher but the vertical image is from our recent shoot at Red Rocks Canyon in the Mojave Desert. Lili has several movies that have premiered recently in the US and London including Book Club with Diane Keaton. Hungarian born, her family includes her mother Iren Bordan a talented actress who continues to perform in Hungary. This was such a fun shoot and all the more fun to see these desert vibes now in print. xoxo

IMG_0921 (1).JPG

Exploring Baja Mexico- Bikes in Wine Country & Deep Sea Fishing

One of my best memories is now from Valle de Guadalupe, the heart of Northern Baja's wine country, and the area that produces 70% of Mexico's wine. The Terra del Valle bnb (the traditional non-air kind with real breakfast and homemade marmalade) where we stayed for a night was nestled beside an expanse of orange groves and adjoining dirt roads with horseback riding next door. Katharine, John and I grabbed the available bikes and went cruising into the countryside to hit up a couple wine tasting from the vineyards within just a few miles of our place. Finn, of course, came too. At first I tried to kindly shove my rescue long-haired jack russell pup into a tote bag but after about 100yards on the bicycle his wiggly bod found itself happily running alongside my bike. I've never seen him so happy to run! And as a proud dog mum I was stoked with how well he could keep up. He was obviously stoked for this boundless freedom of movement that doesn't quite exist inside our studio apartment. With a few shots left on my 35mm manual pentax, I'm so glad I had this camera on my shoulder. The unedited, tactile feeling of these photos, with that slightly grainy vibe, helps take me back to that gritty dirt road, the golden sun, and the cruisy vibes I now associate with mexican wine. It was a perfect day to celebrate KP's 30th trip around the sun. :) 

A must for brunch in this area is La Cocina de Dona Esthela.

Now for the ocean... Patrol the marina near Ensenada and you can find a good deal on a deep sea fishing boat that'll take you into towards the foggy island surrounded with seagulls, dolphins and snapper filled waters. xx

Tactile Film at Red Rocks Canyon, CA

I returned to Red Rocks Canyon State Park in Cantil, CA a couple weekends ago with two amazing girlfriends, Grace De Silva and Lili Bordan. Tucked into the folds of an ancient cliff, we got camera ready in our tent. I shot plenty of digital, but the photos below are all 35mm with medium format in b&w. You might have seen the movie Book Club on the film marquis lately- if you watch it, take a look for Lili with the long dark hair below in one of the roles. Getting into the desert with such strong, talented and beautiful women is such a reminder of to lean into our womanhood and our friendships. XO 

Botanical Engagement Session at the LA Arboretum

Benjamin and Lindsey were wonderful. College sweethearts, these two are now engaged and couldn't be a better match. I met them at the LA Arboretum and it was a perfect location- everything was in full glorious bloom and every pathway had a diversely stunning backdrop. The Ancient Forest and Rose Garden were two of my faves. XO

An Oceanic Maternity Session at Abalone Cove, CA

This session with beautiful momma-to-be Jessica felt part Greek goddess and part mermaid. Of which I couldn't imagine better descriptors for a maternity session. 37 weeks along, she was completely game to hike the steep rocky trail down to Abalone Cove tide pools in Rancho Palos Verdes this week. What an incredible (and beautiful) trooper! "Prince Eric" was along for the ride. 

He is Ernie

Sit down or jump up for a treat and visit director/editor Ernie Gilbert's website, You may have already seen his work! The last video he cut was This is America by Childish Gambino.  A friend since college, it's been awesome to watch his trajectory out here in LA. This was a fun session we shot together at LAC studios in downtown LA. Get after those dreams of yours and make them happen. 1-2-3 jump! XO


A Glowing Mojave Desert

Red Rocks State Park in Cantil, CA has a mystery vibe of it's own. This martian landscape comes alive as the sun goes down and the desert life opens up to a starry sky. A few of my favorite photos from this trip are those of the Joshua Trees and rockscape aglow at night. I used a 30 second exposure with my camera on a tripod while drawing on the limbs and outlines with a flashlight to capture those surreal images. Awake before dawn (with a stir-crazy Finn!) the Mojave desert was full of that ultra-warm morning light as we started our drive back to LA.

Headshots with Actor Luke Jackson

If you're lucky you can hear Luke Jackson recite Shakespeare, taking you back in time several hundred years. Ideally this will be like my scenario...within a sunny apple orchard in Ojai, CA as you follow along an ancient stone wall. Professionally trained, he's coming onto the acting scene as a Jon Snow meets Lorenzo Medici kind of way. I anticipate seeing his devilishly charming mug in the next period-set production. Or who knows- he can deliver a range of looks so the screen time ahead is wide open. Such a great shoot with this guy. 

Giant Sequoias & Salty Malibu in 120mm

I love the moment where I first see the pictures of a roll of  film that I've had developed... A hinge of fear and excitement- did I expose it by accident? Maybe all the manual settings I guessed at were off and everything will be dark and fuzzy... or maybe they are properly exposed and beautiful! Whatever photos that *do* turn out from a roll film that only fits 12 pictures are always so special. Faces and places, forever etched into a tangible memory- it's magical. Below is a mix of other magic- the biggest tree in the world- the great sequoia that is General Sherman. A double exposure of my boyfriend Robbie looking up at that tree... I think this photo helps capture a sense of the scale and wonder it evokes in person. A sweet family portrait with actress Caroline Macey. And my best girl Leah Shapiro, an Asheville rockstar, sunning/not sunning her porcelain skin at Point Dume in Malibu, CA on a trip this past February. And a few takes of the powerful & lazy coastline on that coastal stretch. xo