He is Ernie

Sit down or jump up for a treat and visit director/editor Ernie Gilbert's website, You may have already seen his work! The last video he cut was This is America by Childish Gambino.  A friend since college, it's been awesome to watch his trajectory out here in LA. This was a fun session we shot together at LAC studios in downtown LA. Get after those dreams of yours and make them happen. 1-2-3 jump! XO


A Glowing Mojave Desert

Red Rocks State Park in Cantil, CA has a mystery vibe of it's own. This martian landscape comes alive as the sun goes down and the desert life opens up to a starry sky. A few of my favorite photos from this trip are those of the Joshua Trees and rockscape aglow at night. I used a 30 second exposure with my camera on a tripod while drawing on the limbs and outlines with a flashlight to capture those surreal images. Awake before dawn (with a stir-crazy Finn!) the Mojave desert was full of that ultra-warm morning light as we started our drive back to LA.

Headshots with Actor Luke Jackson

If you're lucky you can hear Luke Jackson recite Shakespeare, taking you back in time several hundred years. Ideally this will be like my scenario...within a sunny apple orchard in Ojai, CA as you follow along an ancient stone wall. Professionally trained, he's coming onto the acting scene as a Jon Snow meets Lorenzo Medici kind of way. I anticipate seeing his devilishly charming mug in the next period-set production. Or who knows- he can deliver a range of looks so the screen time ahead is wide open. Such a great shoot with this guy. 

Giant Sequoias & Salty Malibu in 120mm

I love the moment where I first see the pictures of a roll of  film that I've had developed... A hinge of fear and excitement- did I expose it by accident? Maybe all the manual settings I guessed at were off and everything will be dark and fuzzy... or maybe they are properly exposed and beautiful! Whatever photos that *do* turn out from a roll film that only fits 12 pictures are always so special. Faces and places, forever etched into a tangible memory- it's magical. Below is a mix of other magic- the biggest tree in the world- the great sequoia that is General Sherman. A double exposure of my boyfriend Robbie looking up at that tree... I think this photo helps capture a sense of the scale and wonder it evokes in person. A sweet family portrait with actress Caroline Macey. And my best girl Leah Shapiro, an Asheville rockstar, sunning/not sunning her porcelain skin at Point Dume in Malibu, CA on a trip this past February. And a few takes of the powerful & lazy coastline on that coastal stretch. xo

Studio Session w/ Nina

Most of my images are taken in natural sunlight but I switched it up last week for a studio session with Nina, aka Ms Ross. We met in downtown LA and captured these pix below. Most of the shots used strobes with soft boxes, however the last two shots against the deep blue background were all-natural window light.  #naturaldiffusion!  She was so fun to work with- I love how she could turn on the attitude in a split second. xo Nina! 

A Wednesday Morning Wedding

So often a wedding becomes the production of something beyond the bride or groom's control. And so this young couple decided that what they really wanted was a ceremony for just the two of them. And so, despite a big wedding in the works for 2019, Anissa and her fiancé decided to get married the following Wednesday morning. Her parents went to work, her fiancé enrolled in classes before coming over, and she laid out all her makeup brushes. These photos capture the moments before a ceremony that was just for them. They will still have a big wedding next year- but no stress- this couple has already said I Do!  I love the momentum of this love. 

A Sunset Engagement Shoot at Griffith Observatory

Meet Danielle & Tyler! The sweetest couple drove up to LA from San Diego for the weekend and I got the chance to meet them for this beautiful 2 hour session at Griffith Observatory. It was cold (for LA!), windy and oh-so-crowded that evening but that didn't matter- they were total champions in the model department and carried such a beautiful energy together as a couple. XO

Boho Wedding Feature: From Brooklyn To Spain

Excited to see Kate & Camden's beautiful wedding featured internationally on the Boho Weddings & Events blog! My first layout! A UK blog for the boho lux bride. Thank you Kelly at Boho for such a lovely layout, to event planner Mery Liccardi for the submission and to my friend and goddess of a bride Kate Jenkins. Her responses make the article a great read to compliment her incredible vision of a wedding. xo!

A Wadmalaw Island Oyster Roast & NYE

Celebrating the close of one year and the beginning of another with a muddy oyster harvest and roast on NYE day. Wadmalaw Island remains a magical place for gathering friends (thanks to bff Katharine and her fam) together over the last 5 years. It's peaceful yet dynamic with the changing landscape of the low and high tides and some of the most beautiful sunsets to be seen. I love photographing out here. The crew this year was mostly a reunion of college friends from UNC Chapel Hill who have since scattered across the US and Europe. It was such a great reset to be around so much mud, water, fire and friendship to open up the new year.  Happy 2018 everyone! 

A Sweet Family Photo Session at The GettY

Meet Pamela, an all star mom with 3 beautiful children and a stand-up husband in tow. In our one-hour session at The Getty Museum last weekend we achieved some great shots... no small feat for a family of 5! I was duly impressed with the handle these parents had on their cute kiddos as well as with their super fun & sweet personalities. 


Meet Sebastian, born to Amanda & Nick, he was 3 weeks full of wonder for our session. And so was his beautiful momma! One of my favorite parts from the day was watching their trio of dogs follow Amanda everywhere we she went in her home... "helping" :) 

Kate & Camden Married in Otívar, Spain

When my close friend Kate asked if I could shoot her wedding in Spain on July 3rd, I knew it would be lovely and amazing. What I didn't know was how awesome Granada would be when you have all your girlfriends around to roam the cobblestone at all hours, or how comforting would be the smell of a 14th century villa where the dust of time, books and night jasmine have settled into the tiles and crevices. Also unbeknownst was just how freezing the spring waters are rushing through the dry canyons, just how delicious and cheap the wine is, or how invigorating the pool would feel after sweating to flamenco at this gorgeous and intimate wedding across the ocean.

Kate, of course, knew all this because she is a wise seer of elegance, intellect and flair ...otherwise known as a hot genie (the kind that may or may not slip over to Beirut to cover a story for the New Yorker in the middle of a long honeymoon). A perfect match for the loyal, ever aspiring and artistic mind of her husband Camden who will welcome you with arms reminiscent of a Roman rower. You both make magic happen and I know you will in your life together. XO

Wedding Location: Palacete de Cazulas

Kappie & Duncan

Life on the farm starts early, and so it was most fitting for Kappie & Duncan to begin their wedding with a morning ceremony beyond the back porch of the groom's family home. The fields were still wet with a mix of rain and dew when each of their mothers poured dirt from their family homelands together- such a special aside to the ceremony. I love to take note of rituals like these. After a morning brunch the party disbanded only to return that evening to the cleared-out and cleaned-up former tobacco barn on the property. K&D even had the dirt leveled to make for an even dance floor. Pretty tight. -As were the gorgeous horses on the rolling Kentucky hills. Steeped in history, surrounded in camaraderie, and set to a gorgeous sunset was Part II of their wedding. I think leveling the floor was a good call with the way this crew could dance. Wishing these two an incredible life together. XO Kappie & Duncan 

A garden party bridal shower for Lili

Actress, Reiki healer, and the beautifully abundant soul that is Lili Bordan is soon to be married! After kicking Michael, her beau-to-be, out of the house, friends pulled together to throw her a garden party bridal shower at her home in South Pasadena. There was plenty of witchy-ritual, tasty cocktails, fresh flowers twisted into crowns, guessing games and reiki-blessings (even Finn got one!). It was amazing to see Lili surrounded with a community of such strong female support. Hang onto your girlfriends y'all, they are your number ones! Here are some snaps from the afternoon. xo