Artist Spotlight: Adrienne

Meet Adrienne M. Cossar, 25, visual development artist and style icon. Also known as Myinty, she specializes in concept work for Animation Films and Games and has been working on a new collection of astrological themed oil paintings for her upcoming show. It was such a delight working with her on this shoot! We met up for some late afternoon sun between Beverly Hills and Century City to create these shots. I love how much color poured into these takes. xx

Los Angeles Teachers Strike for Their Students

It’s been 30 years since the Los Angeles Teachers Union went on strike. However their demands were not met at the negotiating table- so they’re picketing the streets for smaller class sizes and more counselors, nurses and pay as of 7am this Monday morning. At Hollenbeck Middle School in Boyle Heights, the teachers stood in the pouring rain with ponchos and flyers while chanting their demands. "I'm a teacher and I brought my son with me to strike."  said Ed Weber with his son Jasper Weber age 8. "If we don't stand up now the quality of our education will continue to be eroded." says Weber who has been a teacher in Los Angeles for 23 years. 

It was fun to check out NPR’s homepage later this afternoon! Was glad to see one of my photos make it to the top of the page :) Check out the stories here: and here:

Malibu Elopement

On a seemingly average Wednesday afternoon these two flew in from Maryland with three of their nearest and dearest to have an intimate wedding ceremony along the rocky coastline of Malibu, CA. I felt so honored to be part of this gathering. Congratulations to these two incredible women. I wish now that I’d photographed a copy of their vows… they were so beautiful and everything you would want to hear from your partner in life. <3

Exploring Baja Mexico- Bikes in Wine Country & Deep Sea Fishing

One of my best memories is now from Valle de Guadalupe, the heart of Northern Baja's wine country, and the area that produces 70% of Mexico's wine. The Terra del Valle bnb (the traditional non-air kind with real breakfast and homemade marmalade) where we stayed for a night was nestled beside an expanse of orange groves and adjoining dirt roads with horseback riding next door. Katharine, John and I grabbed the available bikes and went cruising into the countryside to hit up a couple wine tasting from the vineyards within just a few miles of our place. Finn, of course, came too. At first I tried to kindly shove my rescue long-haired jack russell pup into a tote bag but after about 100yards on the bicycle his wiggly bod found itself happily running alongside my bike. I've never seen him so happy to run! And as a proud dog mum I was stoked with how well he could keep up. He was obviously stoked for this boundless freedom of movement that doesn't quite exist inside our studio apartment. With a few shots left on my 35mm manual pentax, I'm so glad I had this camera on my shoulder. The unedited, tactile feeling of these photos, with that slightly grainy vibe, helps take me back to that gritty dirt road, the golden sun, and the cruisy vibes I now associate with mexican wine. It was a perfect day to celebrate KP's 30th trip around the sun. :) 

A must for brunch in this area is La Cocina de Dona Esthela.

Now for the ocean... Patrol the marina near Ensenada and you can find a good deal on a deep sea fishing boat that'll take you into towards the foggy island surrounded with seagulls, dolphins and snapper filled waters. xx

An Oceanic Maternity Session at Abalone Cove, CA

This session with beautiful momma-to-be Jessica felt part Greek goddess and part mermaid. Of which I couldn't imagine better descriptors for a maternity session. 37 weeks along, she was completely game to hike the steep rocky trail down to Abalone Cove tide pools in Rancho Palos Verdes this week. What an incredible (and beautiful) trooper! "Prince Eric" was along for the ride. 

A Wednesday Morning Wedding

So often a wedding becomes the production of something beyond the bride or groom's control. And so this young couple decided that what they really wanted was a ceremony for just the two of them. And so, despite a big wedding in the works for 2019, Anissa and her fiancé decided to get married the following Wednesday morning. Her parents went to work, her fiancé enrolled in classes before coming over, and she laid out all her makeup brushes. These photos capture the moments before a ceremony that was just for them. They will still have a big wedding next year- but no stress- this couple has already said I Do!  I love the momentum of this love.