Bald Head Island, A Beautiful & Blustery NC Wedding

Kate + Hayes. Groom, Hayes, used to take a ferry to school from Bald Head Island to the mainland of NC when he was growing up. Years later, it seemed only natural that these two, would get married in an environment as beautiful and natural as the two of them. Welcome Kate's masterful planning, two helpful families coming together, and ferries full of friends and guests bringing all the supplies one would need on an island that runs on golf carts rather than cars. The fact that there was a lot of rain surrounding the weekend, just added to the adventure of landing on a wild island surrounded by so many friends and cocktails (and babies!) in one place. Much love to these dear friends... I wish you could get married again, if only to be able to do it all over again ;) 

Lodging was reserved via Air Bnb, food was provided by friends & family, and Kate's gorgeous dress is by BHLDN.  xx