Giant Sequoias & Salty Malibu in 120mm

I love the moment where I first see the pictures of a roll of  film that I've had developed... A hinge of fear and excitement- did I expose it by accident? Maybe all the manual settings I guessed at were off and everything will be dark and fuzzy... or maybe they are properly exposed and beautiful! Whatever photos that *do* turn out from a roll film that only fits 12 pictures are always so special. Faces and places, forever etched into a tangible memory- it's magical. Below is a mix of other magic- the biggest tree in the world- the great sequoia that is General Sherman. A double exposure of my boyfriend Robbie looking up at that tree... I think this photo helps capture a sense of the scale and wonder it evokes in person. A sweet family portrait with actress Caroline Macey. And my best girl Leah Shapiro, an Asheville rockstar, sunning/not sunning her porcelain skin at Point Dume in Malibu, CA on a trip this past February. And a few takes of the powerful & lazy coastline on that coastal stretch. xo