Kate & Camden Married in Otívar, Spain

When my close friend Kate asked if I could shoot her wedding in Spain on July 3rd, I knew it would be lovely and amazing. What I didn't know was how awesome Granada would be when you have all your girlfriends around to roam the cobblestone at all hours, or how comforting would be the smell of a 14th century villa where the dust of time, books and night jasmine have settled into the tiles and crevices. Also unbeknownst was just how freezing the spring waters are rushing through the dry canyons, just how delicious and cheap the wine is, or how invigorating the pool would feel after sweating to flamenco at this gorgeous and intimate wedding across the ocean.

Kate, of course, knew all this because she is a wise seer of elegance, intellect and flair ...otherwise known as a hot genie (the kind that may or may not slip over to Beirut to cover a story for the New Yorker in the middle of a long honeymoon). A perfect match for the loyal, ever aspiring and artistic mind of her husband Camden who will welcome you with arms reminiscent of a Roman rower. You both make magic happen and I know you will in your life together. XO

Wedding Location: Palacete de Cazulas