A Glowing Mojave Desert

Red Rocks State Park in Cantil, CA has a mystery vibe of it's own. This martian landscape comes alive as the sun goes down and the desert life opens up to a starry sky. A few of my favorite photos from this trip are those of the Joshua Trees and rockscape aglow at night. I used a 30 second exposure with my camera on a tripod while drawing on the limbs and outlines with a flashlight to capture those surreal images. Awake before dawn (with a stir-crazy Finn!) the Mojave desert was full of that ultra-warm morning light as we started our drive back to LA.

Window Light

I drove over to Morganton, NC on a chilly winter day to meet her. She greeted me in a cozy poncho, some coffee and pretty soon we were well into our shoot. I love that we chose to create these shots in her home, the environment reflecting her own minimal aesthetic.